I Pray Because I Can't Do Life Alone: A Collection of Poems

This collection of poems had taken ten years to compile. Clay began to feel compelled to express the feelings and thoughts he was having, and that expression seemed to come naturally through poetry. These poems include conversations he’s had with his Lord and Savior, feelings of love for people who have been in his life, feelings of insecurity and depression, battles with addiction, and struggles with demons that he believes come in many ways into people’s lives to destroy any relationship they may be having or developing with the Savior. There are poems of how amazing the plan that God has orchestrated is as well as questions on why things happen the way they do.Some of these poems come from deep inside him. Some are introspective, and some are a little more on the lighter side. They’re arranged in alphabetical order because there is really no other way to group them. As Clay said, it is a random collection of thoughts, feelings, and questions he’s had as he developed his relationship with God and worked to learn how to deal with life.Clay’s hope is that whoever reads this book can find something they can relate to and something that helps them to understand that people don’t have to be perfect. They can ask God the tough questions. People need to realize that He already knows what they think, so they should just discuss whatever is on their minds with Him. That’s what a relationship is, and that’s what God wants with His people.Clay has no idea if he will write another book. This is God’s plan, and he is just thankful that He has allowed him to be part of it. If He chooses to continue to use Clay in this way, he will humbly obey.

--Clay Cantrell