I Serve You Notice

Patricia Tidmore writes this manual led by God because she understands people who have walked a world of sin and feels they have nowhere to go. There are people who feel so lost and question why they are here on earth. This manual is based on Patricia's life from drugs, poverty, suicidal thoughts, abuse, lesbianism, and sexual sins. No matter how deep or far you have gone, you can be delivered. She explains how tough it is to live in this lifetime and that the struggles you endure can be released from you into a blessed life. It isn't easy for change and it will not happen overnight. But with God's love, He can lead you to a life of joy with Him. It is hard to understand the ways of our Lord but He is waiting for you with open arms to show you and answer every question you have for Him. I challenge you to read this book and dare to see what God has in store for you. I was serving Satan and believed I was his queen. Now, I switched partners and learned that I am God's queen. This manual is not only for women, but also for men who have lost their way. You will learn to come out and be saved from all the confusion you have had in your life.

--Patricia Tidmore