If You Want to Be a Better Christian, Train like a Champion

Many people have participated in or observed athletic competition. This book is written for the athlete, the coach, and the fan who would like to improve their Christian journey. It is our hope that they will appreciate and understand the relationship between athletic training and improving their walk with God.

About the Authors

This is the first collaboration for Tom and Maureen. They have been married for thirty-seven years and are blessed with three children and three grandchildren. Tom has a son by a previous marriage, and he has four children. Tom has been a longtime high school coach and has received many honors. In addition to coaching championship teams and individuals, he is a member of two Hall of Fames. Maureen is also a great athlete with nine varsity letters in three years. She presently teaches high school health and physical education. In this first effort, both feel their words come from God. The book has been a long time coming, but God’s timing is always perfect.

--Tom and Maureen Ritari