Igniting the Phoenix: Book One Weapon of War

For Lucius Gamerin, strength is only gained when facing his greatest fear—a woman.In a war that captured his brothers, Lucius undergoes a long overdue intervention without his knowledge and discovers weapons can manifest in various forms. During his assignment, hiding in Josephine’s home with interdimensional camouflage, he develops a crush for the general’s daughter.Without her knowledge, Josephine is calling the shots. Ignorance that once protected her wanes in the balance of dimensional laws the more she perceives of him.When the opened doorway is exposed, mind games of Lucius’s enemies reach an entirely new level and forces him to make a decision about his secrecy. The shadows have finally found a key to their freedom, and they will break through.I’ll speak this one time, but no more. The issue is with me and my enemies. However, ordinary people play a small part, like a stalk of wheat on the battlefield, a harvest worth fighting for. It’s all around them, the war. They feel the war and the others. Sometimes there’s thickness in the air, a lump with every swallow taken, a chill as they enter a room. They know something is there.Waiting.Watching.

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--Alethea Stauron