In All Thy Ways

During a routine night run, a bus breaks down in the middle of the desert in front of an abandoned gas station. However, nothing is routine about the bus or the fate of the passengers. They soon discover that anyone who attempts to leave vanishes the moment they step off the bus. At some point, each one will have to decide whether to stay and hope for deliverance or abandon themselves to the unknown.

Some will go with a sense of purpose such as the proud businessman who is determined that no one will decide his future. Others will be led by forces beyond their understanding. And some, like the man who dreams of fame and fortune, will be driven by desire. Will they die or are they dead already? Is this a judgment or an opportunity? This is the story of those on the bus and the connections that exist between them. It is the tale of one man’s guilt, two friends unique tie, and a mother who must face the history of evil in her past in order to have a future with the daughter she despises.

Who is the stranger on the bus who seems to know what is happening and who is the watchman who patiently waits for something he cannot define? Across time and space the passengers find themselves either deciding their future or awaiting their end. In All Thy Ways is a spiritual thriller with twists and turns that unfolds the horrors of damnation and the glory of redemption.

--Michael Evans