This Inspirations book of poetry is a compilation of poems written by Steven Paul LeFever mostly from his time in Vietnam until now, including one he wrote about his mother while in elementary school. The poems range from tributes to people who impacted his life, to events he experienced, to scenery he felt compelled to describe, to commentaries on the human condition. He tried to always focus on the hope, the positive possibilities, and the inspiration in each situation. Steve has always loved helping people. The “Never Give Up” bookmarks and photos have been given to homeless centers and hospitals, presidents and prime ministers, doctors and dentists, cashiers and construction workers, airline stewards and admirals, mail carriers and mothers, people who lost loved ones, pregnancy centers or people in wheelchairs from Afghanistan to Australia, China to Canada, and Brazil to the USA.One poem was written in Da Nang, Vietnam, while on the midwatch during the war, one was written while navigating through the Luzon Straits in the Philippines. One was written after surviving a typhoon at sea, another was written about a good friend he sat with in the hospital one night who was not expected to make it until morning, and many more. Steve’s favorite poem is “The Cold Within” by James Patrick Kinney.Some of the famous people who were given the NGU poem/photo:Billy GrahamPresident TrumpVice President PenceSarah PalinBenjamin NetanyahuPatrick SwayzeCarrie UnderwoodScotty McCleary

--Steven P. LeFever