It Happened Now What?: How to Move Beyond the Pain to Take Back Your Power!

Fall and autumn—two words used to describe the same season. It was my favorite season and also my worst. On one hand, I loved how the wind brushed against my cheeks on a windy day; and on the other hand, I hated how the dead trees reminded me of myself. Hollow on the inside but full of color on the outside.

“If you want to know what we’re doing, come in and see.” Those were the last words spoken to me before I learned to run without direction. This book is for those who have experienced or are connected to someone with trauma, hurt, and shame. You’ve run from it, covered it up, overcompensated for it, and hid it; but it’s time to face it, release it to God, and declare your victory over it.

Whatever your “it” happens to be, there is nothing bigger than the cross. It’s time to move beyond your pain and take back your power.

--Kimcherian Johnson