It Starts as a Child: A Personal Development Guidebook for Teens

It Starts as a Child is unlike many of the books created for young people. The contents offered in this guidebook aim to help young males and females become more self-aware of their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors and how it can affect the entirety of their lives.

Throughout eleven lessons, the reader explores different topics and analyzes the negative and positive impact of certain feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. They also are presented with an alternative outlook on the way they view or handle situations.

LaTressa encountered and experienced many difficult obstacles where learning personal lessons was a norm. In retrospect, through trials and errors as a youth herself, she learned lessons that many young people deal with on a daily basis. She understands how the younger generation feels at times and can relate to some of their stories. She’s often helping young males and females work through personal struggles, and now she’s striving to help you. Whether you’re struggling with low self-esteem, hurt, making wise decisions, or anything else that young people face, she wants you to understand the importance of identifying feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that could potentially impact you negatively as you develop and grow.

LaTressa’s insight and inspiration will give you the encouragement and empowerment to discover your power, purpose, and potential.

--LaTressa Moses