Jill's Journey: The Diary of a Bipolar Disorder Woman

Jill’s Journey: The Diary of a Bipolar Disorder Woman is about a woman who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was aborted at the request of her mother’s doctor, who was treating her. She was too sick to have a child and was told by the doctors that she and possibly her baby would not survive the birth. The abortion shot they gave her didn’t work, and she had the baby and survived, ten months later. When Jill was born exactly one month late, she had rheumatic fever of 107 degrees. They didn’t think she was going to live. Her mother called the pastor of the church that she regularly attended and was a member of. They anointed the baby, Jill, with olive oil and prayed over her. Within the next hour, the fever broke, Jill’s first miracle of many more to come. This book will tell you about the near-death experiences and miracles that God saved her from. She knows that God is real, and she’s a living proof!

--Jill Montelongo