Just Jesus: Finding Courage and Joy in a Crazy World

“I need to turn off your electricity now,” the gentleman informed me with a sincere apology. I reassured him that it was not his fault, and I went back into the house, hands shaking. My girls and I had been in the middle of an indoor picnic with a friend and her toddlers. I wondered if she noticed that the lights had gone dark. It was daytime after all. But it wasn’t daytime in my heart. Fear’s darkness held me by its iron grip and had become my world (excerpt from Just Jesus: A Story of Finding Courage and Happiness in a Crazy World).Has fear grabbed you too? Do you feel imprisoned or overwhelmed by the chaos around you and life’s inevitable trials? Do you find joy elusive?In her guidebook, Mel shares her own wild story of overcoming fear and finding happiness with the courage and perspective only Jesus gives. Using wisdom and history found in Scripture, Just Jesus can help you• give your fears to Jesus;• recognize and prepare for Satan’s spiritual attacks;• see the world with Jesus’s perspective; and• notice and celebrate God’s miraculous hand in your life.Just Jesus: A Story of Finding Courage and Happiness in a Crazy World will point you in the right direction toward stepping into the destiny God has written for you and finding joy despite life’s trials.

--Melinda Suchland

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