Kingdom Reformation: Eternal, Tangible, and Relevant Today

The kingdom of heaven is meant to override and push back corrupted kingdoms of this present world. It is eternal, tangible, and relevant today. Jesus Christ spoke about the kingdom’s present reality and the world-changing dynamics associated with it. Faith-filled members of the redeemed community will occupy influential establishments and professions. Many Christians are accepting the assignment of stepping into many persuasive institutions such as government, retail sales, construction, education, media, the arts and entertainment, and family to make a difference. They are applying God’s love, biblical values, and their lifestyles to reform these arenas and to create atmospheres in which unbelievers are transformed into committed followers of Christ.Are Christian people supposed to “get along” with established practices, business as usual procedures, even if they oppose biblical ethics and practices?What if you are a “game-changer” in the mixed-up culture of our day—a Christian who boldly chooses to enter a conflicted or compromised arena of influence. Could you be the committed disciple of Jesus who will look squarely in the face of ungodly and chaotic conditions that oppose biblical ideals to deliver transformation? What if you, being armed with the armor, love, and the power of God, were to break into an established arena, an institution, a career, or profession with a better way—God’s way of doing business? Could it be that you are a reformer in the world? Is it possible you are a converter in a crazy culture that needs Jesus Christ and his biblical agenda?As we study the reality and significance of God’s kingdom, I hope you will capture its implications and relevance personally. If you do, your life in Christ will be more expressive and exciting, your purpose clearer, and our collective mission more accurately fulfilled.

--Jim Lacy