Knowing Our Savior

The original Christians were called "Christians" in a derogatory way by those who were not Christ's followers. But because Christ's followers didn't object to being called Christians, the name stuck.

In many places and times, being identified as a Christian has cost the ultimate price. The question we must ask is, Do we really know our Savior well enough to know that we can trust him with our lives? Do we know him well enough to know that if we are in a situation where serious punishment, maybe even death, is certain that we can trust him and say, "So be it?"

Do we really believe that Jesus is the resurrection that he claims to be? Do we believe that, in him, even when we die, it is only the physical body?

How well do we know the Savior we are following? The better we know him, the more we come to love, trust, and enjoy his friendship!

Jesus knows everything there is to know about you, and he yearns for you to know as much as you can about him! Knowing him means having a real friendship like never before!

--J.V. Lewis

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