Learning to Use Your SPIRITUAL COMPASS To Navigate Life Issues

When a pebble is dropped into the water, a ripple ensues. Once set into motion, the molecules must run their course. So it is with life. Decisions set into motion reactions that must run their course. Whether good or bad, the consequences are unavoidable.

How many times have you found yourself trudging through a dismal muddy swamp because you asked the wrong person for directions? Does your search for answers only lead to more questions? The thousands of decisions we make each day, have a permanent effect on our lives. With so much at stake, how do we make the right choices?

Spiritual Compass takes the reader on a simple walk through the scriptures and offers insight derived from the personal journey of others. The ability to skillfully use Godís word when navigating difficult issues is vital to making sound decisions. It is the authors hope that the reader will become skilled in the use of the only reliable map made available for life's journey.

--Rachel Jamerson