Level Up Your Time with God

Why level up your time with God?The latest stats say 65 percent of adults in America play video games, and we all know kids who play video games as well, but there come issues with that.We’ve all been told that video games are no good at one point or another, or some of us are the ones who’ve said it. The media talks about violence caused by games, and many churches and parents talk about them being mental garbage. But how much of that is true?Are video games fundamentally different than spending time with God, or can they actually be something that helps our relationship with God?What if our games could be something that helps us know God more instead of being something that distracts us from God to the point we either feel guilty thinking about God or we just leave the church altogether?What if you, as a gamer, could read something that connects games to God in a meaningful way?What if you—as a parent, grandparent, spouse, or friend of a gamer—could read something that answers your worries and shows just how much of God is in this stuff?We don’t have to wonder. We can love video games and still choose God. You just need to Level Up Your Time with God.

--Patrick DA Sims