Librum City

In a world created and ruled by wizards, the minotaur nation has been cursed for their rebellion. The only way to have the curse removed is to travel to the wizard city, Librum. It is a dangerous journey for anyone, but especially for the minotaurs.

A young minotaur named Fortiter has decided to set out on this journey that most minotaurs have deemed futile in search of Factorum, the High Wizard of Librum City. On this journey, he hopes to find out what happened to his older brother Bellator when he took the journey years earlier and never returned.

Many challenges lay between Fortiter and his goal, both expected and unexpected. At this point in Fortiter’s life, his choices are to wait for the curse to eventually kill him or to take the journey to Librum City and have the curse removed.

--Allen Clark

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