Life as We Know It

This book is about a two-parent home with wonderful family, great family trips, family holidays, and family vacations—a family full of love and support. But the reality is just because the grass looks green doesn’t mean it’s always green.The reality is that this book shows the struggles that you face in a two-parent home which is equal to the struggles in a single-parent home. It’s about understanding that your love doesn’t always have to come from your mother. It’s about how a father stepped in and became a supporting role that a mother should have played. It is how a father can become a girl’s best friend and how a mother can become a girl’s worst enemy.This book is about double standards. It’s about giving and giving and never receiving. It’s about looking to receive unconditional love and never receiving it. It’s about doing all you can, and at the end of the day, it’s still not enough.

--Marquita Johnson