L.I.F.E. Living with Integrity, Faith, and Experience: How to Determine What Is Best for You

We are all made in God’s image. With God’s infinite wisdom, he created all people with a gift to help aid in their direction through life. Many people focus on what they need to do to get by in life and are driven by things such as finances, comfort, and time. However, if people find what is best for them, they will find out that the finances, comfort and time will take care of itself and be more meaningful and joyful to them. Due to the constant changes of life people begin to focus more on an earthly direction and start to lose site of the direction and path God has provided. The fact that God is an all-knowing God, he has already created a path that will bring you joy and peace. Millions of people walk through life with their eyes closed, their head down, moving from day to day. Finding motivation and internal worth is a monumental task that often seems unachievable. The book of L.I.F.E is written to help you find that motivation, that direction and most importantly, internal-worth that you are seeking. The best teacher is life, “Lessons learned is experience earned.” Living your L.I.F.E with Integrity, Faith, and Experience and understanding that life’s path doesn’t have to be one direction. It’s okay to change directions, it’s okay to move in a manner that may not be the status quo. The book of L.I.F.E is to help you find your life’s directional arrow.

--Ken Davis Jr.