Light from Dark Places

Light from Dark Places is an in-depth look at one individual’s journey through the end of the Jim Crow South. As we follow him into the early years, there’s murder and mayhem early on as we witness the scene and manage to keep a low profile. Then it’s onto camp and after a dip in the river, we watch him rise to the top of the tower and become a poster child. Soon, it’s onto meeting and dealing with the fearless leader and the around-the-way bunch. Then it’s onto high school to hang out with a famous serial killer and walk on eggshells past tough and ruthless gang leaders. After this, we can stop by the island to pick up a quick nickel or a dime and have some fun playing the corner games.

When the time comes to see that block-long rebel flag and meet the NAACP, we know then that after a drive to the airport, it may be time for a road trip. If we can get permission, we may be able to get back to business. That leads us back home where we can pose for pretty late-night pictures for the cops. This will get us a job in the capital, where we may get robbed and stabbed if we’re not careful. Once we return home to play the game, it may be too late to fade to black. Now we make some life-and-death choices in hope of getting with a fine young lady. We find ourselves on the road to recovery.

After watching God soften the hardest hearts, we find our way to redemption at the local homeless shelter and the Tuesday night beginners’ meeting. Now if you have no clue as to the meaning of any of this, you have not read the book. It’s all there and more. This is code used to describe a real life of crime and a full and complete turnaround due to what I would like to call a spiritual awakening and God’s will after surrendering and some quick prayers on the steps.

--True Vision