Light Side

The title of this book, Light Side, was developed by the author, who believes people are happier and more successful if they have a positive attitude. Since the response to the book can be humorous and inspirational, one might say, it is on the Light Side with a Christian attitude.This book consists of short stories, poems, statements, and phrases with a “Christian overtone” that could be used by speech writers, guest speakers, ministers (sermon openers), church offices (newsletters), Bible study groups, etc., or individuals looking for some Christian-based inspirational reading.The contents of this book were compiled from hundreds of emails received by the author, over as many as twelve or more years, and were saved in a drawer. The emails saved attracted the attention of the author by being inspirational and/or humorous. Once the drawer filled, evaluation time came as to what to do with this collection. Sorting, categorizing, and editing resulted in a decision to make them available in book form for others to benefit and enjoy.The author’s main reason for taking this action was to respond to a “calling” that kept popping into his mind to share with others that might inspire readers to be touched by the desires of the Lord. The author believes that anytime he promotes the desire of the Lord in thought, word, or deed, the Lord smiles at him. That smile can be felt.If you read this book and there is at least one of the messages you passed along to someone else and it moves them in the direction of the Lord, chances are, you will experience that feeling, that smile from above.Except for, “Message from the Author,” The author makes no claims to any of the stories in the book to be true or not. He also makes no claims or representations, either expressed or implied, as to the source of the material except to say that these are not the original thoughts or stories of the author, but a compilation of materials written by others and collected by the author over the years to be shared with others. With the exception of the Message from The Author, all content of the material contained in this book was received by non-restricted emails, and the author makes no claims as to originality or personal ownership rights with respect to these works.

--David Muntzel