Little Bros

Little Bros is a story about Eddie, a young boy who loves to play with toys and use his imagination. His favorite game is imagining himself as a superhero, saving the world. But like some kids, Eddie is very shy. And when it comes to making new friends, Eddie just cannot seem to be himself. All the kids in his school are nice and enjoy playing games at recess, and as much as Eddie enjoys watching he is afraid to join.At home, Eddie has no trouble having fun, until Mom asks him a question he never thought of: “Who is this superhero saving the day?”Eddie’s worlds start to feel the same, each with their own problems and not even his superhero alter ego can help. Eddie turns to Dad and hopes he can help with at least one problem but finds help for both. He learns that the key to making friends is first, finding one good friend. And by the end of this story, a new addition to the family will make everything super!

--E. Macias