Little One, the Christmas Tree

This is a story about a man who becomes a widower and must raise his two children alone. Luke and the children have become reclusive. After their mother’s death, Ben and Sarah have no desire to celebrate Christmas.A Christmas tree lot, owned by a kind, elderly man, is visited by the people in the village each Christmas. There are shops and cafes offering cider, cocoa, and coffee adjacent to the tree lot. The Christmas Tree Man notices that Luke and his children have not come to buy a tree. He sends a gift to the family. One year passes, and the second year, as Christmastime arrives, he notes that they did not buy a tree and decides to visit the family.A third Christmas approaches, the children seem happier and tell Luke that they want a Christmas tree this year. Soon thereafter, they go to the Christmas tree lot and pick out a tree. It is a very unusual tree. As they go inside the shop to pay for it, a beautiful lady offers them some hot cocoa. It is Mary, the Christmas Tree Man’s daughter. Luke and Mary are instantly attracted to each other, and soon begin a relationship. The children remark that Mary looks like a woman in their dreams.The very special tree that the children have picked out is planted outside, near the small village church.For the first time in three years, Ben and Sarah want to decorate the home for Christmas and send Christmas cards. Luke is very happy.Christmas Eve arrives and after church, Luke and the children are invited to dinner with the Christmas Tree Man and Mary. That evening, Luke and Mary become engaged. Everyone is elated.In the spring, a wedding is held in the small village church. The sun shines through the stained glass windows of the church and fills the ground by the little Christmas tree with hues of color, creating a wondrous scene of beauty.

--Alexandra Marshall