Living in a Fallen World

Have you ever wondered what is going on in this world we live

in and have been born into with its wars, rumors of wars, famines,

earthquakes? Why are things the way they are and is there a purpose

to it all? Most of us have, perhaps even on a sunny beautiful day!

Living in a Fallen World endeavors to provide some answers as to

why it is this way as well as how we get along and survive in it while

pointing to God as creator, refuge, and strength. And it will show that

God uses this fallen world to teach us to overcome it, which puts on

spiritual muscle, enabling us to do this while preparing us for heaven

and eternity.

Written in a direct style, it lays out why and how the world

got this way, what the cure is, and what the outcome will be as well

as where our place is in the drama of life. Most importantly, it will

present a vital decision that all must make.

Based on Godís Word, the Bible, it shows that God has in fact let

us know whatís going on and why, as well as what the outcome will

be. This commentary will present biblical answers and insights and be

an encouragement to your walk of faith.

--Ernest M. Tegeder