Living in an Angry World

I have spent my life in public education and have been concerned about the education of young people for many years. I served in junior high and senior high schools for thirty years. I was, I felt, called by God to be a teacher. In my mind, to be a teacher requires, first of all, a love for those that you teach. As a teacher, guidance counselor, and administrator, I have seen students and parents in the act of growing up together.

At the same time, God has been good to me in that he has placed love and concern for people in general as a part of my nature. I am eternally grateful for that.

I am now getting some age on me, and though I have been a people person all my life, I see other people who seem to be doing more for God than I have done, and I must say that I am ashamed that I have not done more.

It has been on my mind and heart that I needed to do more to help people. I have watched as our nation and the world have seemed to be angry. There are lots of things that people can be angry about. And I am thinking, from what I am seeing, that there are many people out there who use every one of them as a way to express their anger.

As I lay on my pillar at night, God seemed to bring to my mind certain scriptures from the Bible that I have been schooled in all my life. The message seemed to push me to examine what I was seeing as a part of our social order and see if I could apply what God was saying in his Word to helping people realize that the answers we are seeking can only be found in the teachings of God’s Word.

To that end, I have tried to examine problems that I was seeing and to provide some help for those who are angry and hurting themselves and others. If I have been able to do that in this work, give God the glory. He is the answer to the unrest of the human soul. Only he can solve our anger problem. May God bless you as you seek his guidance. I have no answers; only God does!

--Charles H Atkinson