L.L.4.J: Live Love for Jesus

As Christian, we wonder, Am I the only one feeling with way? L.L.4.J. ( Live Love for Jesus) is filled with poems and thoughts of a Christian—from the reason of Jesus’s death on the cross to building a mansion that was promised to all Christians.Nearly two thousand years ago, Jesus lived, taught, and died here on earth. What if you could go back in time in Jesus’s life to visit and still have the knowledge of today? In what time would you go to visit? Why would you go in that time? There are many reasons to go in a time in Jesus’s life. There are also reasons not to visit Jesus’s life.L.L.4.J. also talks about the hardship that every Christian deals with in life, as well as the happiness that Christians can find in nature that is all around us. God shows us that he is around by the sunset and sunrise that he paints for us every day and by the sound of the animals. He cries with us in the storms of our lives and smiles with the warmth of the sun.These poems have a background with them so the reader can get into the mind of the author at the time they were written. This is the author’s story too.

--Charlotte A. Altland