Logical Implications and Hidden Agendas

The meaning of life, what does that really mean? It comes down to finding your life’s purpose, that defining moment when you understand that your life goals need to focus on things that are bigger than yourself. Self-love and self-doubt can be equally destructive. Purpose comes from finding that sweet spot where you can be confident and humble at the same time. Then we can identify the things in life that give us fulfillmentto have the ability to see where we fit into the puzzle of life and do what we were meant to do.This book is meant to be a map to guide us along the journey to that goal. It can help you stay focused and avoid the distractions that lead to confusion and apathy. Start at the beginning and fight the urge to jump ahead and skip crucial steps in the process. It just requires commitment and objectivity. Then what may now seem unattainable becomes very realistic.

--Randall Osborne