Love Letters of a Believer

Love Letters of a Believer is a book from the heart of a surrendered believer. As I struggled with unforgiveness, disappointment, depression, frustration, suicidal thoughts, financial debt, and dyslexia, I began to seek and desire an everlasting relationship with God. After experiencing the power of God’s healing through faith and his love for me, I trusted and believed in his Word. I knew that if he healed me in one area, he would heal me in other areas where I needed deliverance, such as wounds of dealing with everyday life—the unhappiness, the brokenness, the regrets. I needed to learn how to pray through my pain, not from my pain and struggles.During my daily prayer time, I began to write letters to God. I shared everything in my heart, the good and bad. As I poured out my flesh on paper, my life as I had known it was beginning to transform. I was being delivered from my old ways the more I revealed myself to God in prayer.Over time, I have given birth to letters that became my love letters of prayer. As I share them with you, I pray that you find inner strength to share your whole heart with God. I pray that they will encourage you to seek a relationship with the father and to know that he will not fail you nor forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:6). You are not alone! If you are reading this book, there is still life to pursue purpose!

--C.V. Bailey