Love's Battlefield

Katherine Oben is left alone to care for her brother, Benjamin, on a small farm on the outskirts of the small village of Bentonville, North Carolina. Her father had left four years prior to fight for the Confederacy and was never heard from again. Soon after his departure, a horrible accident took the life of her mother, leaving the two siblings to make it on their own.
Jerob Brown is a Confederate soldier entrenched in a bloody attempt to stop Sherman’s march to the sea. Tired of fighting, homesick, and struggling to find anything good to believe in anymore—Jerob finds himself wounded, confused, and with nowhere to go.
Imagine Katherine and Benjamin’s surprise to find an injured soldier in their barn. While tending to Jerob’s physical needs, each have no idea how much their love, compassion, and faith help heal his broken spirit. He finds his heart starting to soften toward Katherine’s gentle ways and joy watching the antics of a lively eleven-year-old boy and his hound dog.
In this epic tale, discover how God uses the most unusual circumstances to bring the lives of three people together—one struggling to find peace, one to find companionship, and the other to find guidance as they unite to face love’s battlefield.

--Keitha Parton