Married and Singles: Secret Strategies

God never created a marriage to fail, hurt, or be frustrated. The only reason marriage is failing today is simply because we are trying to do different things from what God designed it to be. Every couple has 100 percent chances for a successful marriage, only if they can do it the way God planned it. The problem is not with the marriage, it’s couples’ ignorance in understanding each other.

The best couples are the couple that realised they have many differences and make every effort to work on their differences. If you are already married but going through a rough patch or simply want to strengthen your bond by allowing God to restore your marriage, this particular book is for you.

If you’re single, contemplating marriage, choosing a life partner is one of the most important decisions to make in life. The choice of life partner you make can determine the quality of your life in the future much more than any other decision you make in your life.

Many singles spend more time developing academic knowledge, deciding where to go to college, choosing the cause to study, building physical fitness, but spending little time or no time on choosing the right future partner which has led to many failures in marriages today. If you give God a chance to choose for you, he can give you a description of the kind of person that he desires you to marry. For you to have a successful marriage, and if you want God’s blessing over your marriage, which you do, then it’s better to listen to God about the kind of person he wants you to marry. Love alone is not enough reason to marry.

--Bukola Agunbiade Olajide