Marshal Monkey and the Banana Bandits

Marshal Monkey and his trusty Deputy Dillo represent the governor and his law in the quiet frontier town of Bed Springs. All is fine and well until a local rancher comes in to report that all of his bananas have been rustled. This sets the marshal and his deputy on the trail of the mean, law-breaking, and possibly ruthless banana bandits. Join the marshal as he and Deputy Dillo talk to some of the colorful locals of Bed Springs as they search for clues on The Peel Deal Ranch; back to town to the local juice bar, The Cups Up Saloon, searching for possible leads to the identity and whereabouts of the banana bandits; and finally, out into the countryside to confront the bandits, uphold the law, and dispense a little of the governor’s justice. Who are the bandits, why are they rustling fruit, and will the marshal and deputy make it home in time for dinner?

--Jeff Allen