Karrie Cooper finds herself alone when her uncle and only living relative, a prominent US senator, dies under mysterious circumstances while campaigning for the office of president of the United States. After the funeral and putting her uncle’s affairs in order, Karrie decides to resume her education in crime scene investigation and starts by returning to her undergraduate university to get advice from one of her favorite professors. However, when she meets with him to discuss graduate schools, she discovers that he has been retained by the FBI to help them investigate her uncle’s death, and Karrie convinces him to let her help with his investigation. Together they open the door to a world of conspiracies, vendettas, and danger that puts everyone involved at risk. During the investigation, Karrie will form friendships that will last a lifetime, and after the arrest of the person responsible for her uncle’s death, she decides to resume her plans to attend graduate school. Years later, after the death of her friend and mentor, Professor Woods, Karrie learns that he had continued to look for answers to unresolved questions and has left all his notes and journals to her in his will. Karrie decides to try and pick up where he left off, a decision that will endanger her life and that of her husband and son.

--David Woodcox