Messages for All God's Children

The book you hold in your hands, a collection of spiritual object lessons, is a labor of love that spans some thirty-five years of ministry. Sometimes dubbed children’s sermons, years of experience have taught me that simplified truth has both universal appeal and application. Modeled roughly after the teaching parables of Jesus, this two and a half years’ worth of messages illustrate essential principles of the Christian faith in simplest terms. Capitalizing on a childlike curiosity and imagination, each lesson uses some common household item to interpret an important biblical truth in a fresh, creative, and memorable way. Recognizing the limited attention span of our youngest worshipers, each message can be presented effectively in three to five minutes but may be easily expanded if more interaction is desired.Intended to aid the pastor with too many irons in the fire to consistently prepare creative and engaging talks for young minds, these lessons also are so detailed that they could just as easily be presented by a layperson. In fact, should the children’s leader be less than comfortable with public speaking, the messages are so complete that they could even be read effectively with minimal advance rehearsal.But don’t let the promised simplicity mislead you; the truths presented are profound. And while sometimes presented with wit and humor, worshipful respect and reverence are always maintained and the integrity of God’s Word fiercely preserved. But rest assured, Art Linkletter was right; kids do say the darnedest things! So may the Lord bless this resource to the enhancement of your ministry and give you as much fun and satisfaction as it has me.

--Reverend Tony L Moore