Messages From God's Humble Servant

Has this ever happened to you? You turn to your bible searching for answers, but you end up with even more questions. You open your bible looking for clarification, but by the time you close the book, you're even more confused. Sometimes the bible's teachings are hard to understand, even when written in modern English.

Well now there's a book that may help you find the answers to your questions... that may help clear up your confusion. It's called 'Messages from God's Humble Servant'. It's written in easy to understand everyday language to help you more easily apply its' inspirational, biblical teachings to your daily life.

For instance, what kind of book is the Bible? God's Humble Servant tells us it's ...'not a collection of short stories about the adventures of God and his son Jesus. It's a reference book that will enrich your life eternally'.

How do you get to Heaven you ask? God's Humble Servant tells us that ...'heaven is not a direction, not a measurement, not a dimension. To find it, simply follow the sign of the Cross'.

How strong is God's love? God's Humble Servant tells us that... 'God's love knows no boundary, no limit, and is infinitely more comforting than a mother's hug'.

In 'Messages from God's Humble Servant', you'll find that these and other questions are answered with such clarity that you'll be able to easily spread the good word to others. And really, isn't that what we should do with messages from God?

--David W. Crump

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