Miracle: The Long Journey Home

Miracle: The Long Journey Home is a personal narrative of tragedy and loss and one survivor’s forty-year journey from trauma and hatred to joy and love through the grace of God. As a seventeen-year-old, the author was the victim of gun violence resulting in the death of a friend and coworker when an armed assailant entered the McDonald’s restaurant at which she worked in 1979. The story tells of the trauma experienced by all present that night and the long journey that the author would take over forty years, leading her back to the gunman who committed the crimes and back to our Heavenly Father. Parallel to the author’s story is the gunman’s background and experience from childhood through his spiritual conversion while incarcerated.

The spiritual journey of both the author and the gunman allowed not only for her to forgive him, but to embrace him as her friend and spiritual mentor. This is not an ordinary story of forgiveness, but rather a story of how a deep love of God cleanses the soul of all hatred and anger, leaving only love. The author describes a faith journey that will inspire all, especially those who have been traumatized as survivors of tragedy. Moreover, it will inspire a belief in the power of God to manifest His goodness in the darkest of days of despair, bringing light to even a prison cell where redemption can be born and the unlikeliest of friendships becomes possible.

--Maureen Kincaid