Miracle Man

This book was titled Miracle Man for several reasons, and the first reason was because of what happened to me in December of 2018—from working out at the gym to being on life support fighting for my life twelve hours later. I had arrived for a doctor’s appointment, and the next thing I knew, they were rushing me to the emergency room of Hoag Hospital because my blood pressure was so low they could not believe I walked into the office. The next thing I remember was waking up surrounded by family members and my wife telling me I had been on life support for three weeks. My heart had stopped three times, and hours before, they had decided to let the doctors disconnect me because they said there was no chance of me recovering. Well, here I am writing about my experience. But actually my life has had one miracle after another due to mostly physical challenges throughout my life. Many people believed I was a hypochondriac because of all the physical challenges I had to overcome starting when I was born, being legally blind and no one finding out until a first-grade teacher told my parents, “I don’t think Patrick is dumb. I do not think Patrick can see.” And from there, the book progresses from one incident to another, ending with the story of surviving three weeks on life support and almost four months in the hospital.

--Patrick McNeese