Mission Miracles and the Prayers of God's People

Do you have difficulty knowing how to pray for the missionaries you support and have promised to uphold in prayer and/or for the missionaries your church supports? Do you feel that you can’t pray for them if you haven’t had news from them recently? Is it hard for your missions committee to motivate people to pray?This book is designed to make interceding for the advance of the Gospel interesting. It reviews biographies of missionaries of the past, some well-known and some not so, to illustrate how to pray for those of the present. It presents common needs for prayer for not only people working in cultures not their own but for all of God’s servants as they labor anywhere.You will discover aspects of the missionary life that will remind you of your own struggles. You will gather insights as you see the hand of God working through ordinary people to accomplish His purposes. As you look back over long periods of time, you will better understand how God works all things together for the good of His people. You will marvel at how the Holy Spirit strengthened and used ordinary people like you and me to accomplish His purposes.Prayer lists at the end of each chapter will apply to any of God’s servants anywhere and may be useful for quick reference in your prayer life.Use this book to organize a group by reading a chapter each meeting for discussion and prayer. Reference it for your private intercession. Or just read it for enjoyment and information as you would read any other book.

--Eleanor Fiol