Moments with the Master: A 366 Day Non-Devotional

What is a "non-devotional"? Typical devotions are date specific, approximately same in length, and the messaging, while definitely powerful, are written in a more casual, easy digestible format. Moments with the Master is numbered by day, 1-366, allowing it to be started any time during the year, and was written to provoke contemplation with the Lord. Deep in consideration, readable in style, Moments with the Master will encourage love and good deeds, as well as embolden believers to the Great Commission.

Oh, how grand it would be if we all approached the complex issues facing politicians and society today with a heart that asked, "How is this response pleasing to the Father?" We would touch the environment with trembling hands, for it is His creation. We would protect the sanctity of life, for it is His domain. We would mete out judgment for violating laws, for He is just. We would tend the homeless and hungry, for He is compassionate. We would live a Christ-centered morality, for He is holy. We would better allocate our wealth and position, for His worth is beyond measure. All these things we would do even if it costs us or our lives, for He is greater even than death!

--Ed McInnis