Monster Tails

Monster Tails is about a Siamese cat named Monster that gets adopted by a Christian family. As the kitten grows, he becomes an integral member of this family. So, as the family studies their Bible, Monster overhears their conversation. Not quite understanding their conversation, Monster goes outside and sees his friend Spock. Together the two kitties discuss the pros and cons of surrendering their hearts to Jesus. Not finding any downside to the proposition, Monster prays with Spock the prayer of salvation.Monster Tails is the first book in a series of seven children’s books. It chronicles the tales and adventures of a Siamese cat, who learns to trust in the love of Jesus. In these adventures, Monster is repeatedly shown God’s love and mercy. Overtime, Monster becomes an avid follower of Christ as well as a passionate advocate of the Great Commission. The author modeled the characters after her own family pets, and used stories from her own life to color them. Every book then closes with different Bible verses about God’s overwhelming love and providence.

--Susan Serena Marie