My Songs to God: Shiraya el Elohim

No green. No growth. No life. Intense heat grilled the land. And soil turned to dust, no hope. This microwaved earth called out for help, for rain. Yet like the creeping beetle on the sand, time crept slowly.

A drop. Another drop, then many drops. God poured hope upon this desert death. And the rhythm of the rain brought a joyous sound! A bloom of one, then two, then many people grew into a mighty orchestra of life. Like a symphony of sound, thoughts, and emotion, King David and others wrote their psalms. Our lives are wonderful music that can bring hope to us and praise to Almighty God.

I think I began writing sonnets because it seemed a poetic form with a great rhythm and lyric quality. Early on, I discovered that one of my favorite books, Psalms, meant songs of praise or hymns. In Psalm 40, the writer tells us: ...the LORD put a new song in his heart! The God who weaved us in the womb will give us a new song, a song of love and peace. Yes! He can! Hallelujah! The God of Creation sent His Son that we might have life and might have it to the full! He wants to give us new songs. Even songs in the night. In the sorrow. I hope you will find joy and healing in these songs. I did.

--Bruce Hammer