Narrible the Harrible's Awesome Invention! Book Two

In Cynthia K. Burley’s second book, Narrible the Harrible’s Awesome Invention! she is teaching children of all ages how working together cannot only be fun, but it also gets the job done a lot faster!

Have you ever been asked to do a big job? Wasn’t it easier to get it done when you had help and worked together as a team? Well, in the beautiful little village of Tinkerville, winter was just around the corner. God tells Narrible in a dream how to make life easier by bringing the water from the big waterfall into the homes of all the tinkers and gnutes. But when things don’t go as planned, will Narrible give up? Or with the help of God, will his gnute friends strive to do what seems to be impossible?

--Cynthia K. Burley