No Darkness at All: A Biblical Defense for Word of Faith Theology

One of the most difficult things to understand about the Bible is why God seems so different in the Old testament than He does in the New Testament. There are places in the Old Testament where God says, “I kill and I destroy.” There are many places where God appears to be very harsh when He deals with people. For example, Uzzah died on the spot when he reached out his hand to touch the ark of God.The author is of the conviction that God is good all the time and is never the cause of death, destruction, or sickness of any kind. The author also believes that the Bible is the inerrant word of God. Because of his dilemma in trying to justify these two opposite paradigms, he has done this detailed study on this subject because he believes the Bible cannot contradict itself.Many have blamed God for their afflictions or, at the very least, they have accepted their problems as God’s will for their life. If you believe that God is doing something evil to you to teach you a lesson or to develop your faith, how can you have faith to be healed or to be delivered from any difficulty?Reading this book will help you see that God is good all the time and can do “No Darkness At All” (1 John 1:5). Careful grammatical research is done in this book that will give you evidence to the face that there is a great difference between what God causes and what God permits. Each chapter in this work builds upon this evidence and will increase your faith in the goodness of God.

--Michael Maffucci