Ordinary Glory: Finding Grace in the Commonplace

With eloquence, candor, and simplicity, Dane Fowlkes turns the pages of his own story and allows the reader to peek over his shoulder and into his heart. In these spiritual and autobiographical reflections, this celebrated communicator relates carefully chosen experiences from his life as son, father, grandfather, husband, minister, and writer-for the purpose of illustrating the weight of glory in ordinary human experience.

"Glory abounds in the ordinary if you know where to look; grace is always present tense."

Fowlkes has led anything but a dull existence-from initiation into an African tribe in northern Kenya where he is known as Jilo, a name that means "season of celebration," to living near Gandhi's ashram on the Sabarmati River-yet he has learned to discern and celebrate God's grace in the commonplace. Fowlkes's words reveal the presence of God in the midst of daily life. He embraces difficult questions and garden-variety experiences as equally essential components of our lives, rather than as enemies that seek to destroy us or bore us to tears.

"Only those who stumble in the dark fully appreciate the miracle of light."

Reflecting Fowlkes's gift for storytelling and his minister's heart, Ordinary Glory will inspire laughter, hope, and transform the way we view the unremarkable moments that fill much of our lives. Turn the pages and rediscover what it means to be thoughtful about grace. See why this newly published writer will be quoted by Americans for generations to come.

--Dane Fowlkes

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