Our Father Who Art in Heaven

The first response to God’s desire was the creation of man. The first response to God’s need was the creation of woman. Men were created as god. He created them in the express image of Himself, a lover. The greatest gift you will give your family is love, for the greatest way God express Himself is not in His might, not in His power, not in His greatness, not in His anger, not in His wrath. He express Himself in His love and mercy, in which He has a counterpart—man. He has no counterpart in His power, He is unstoppable; as a master, His rulership is supreme; as Lord, only He can be worshiped; in His glory, it cannot be shared; in His wrath, He is uncontendble; in His anger, none can deliver from His hand; and in His favor, only He can do the impossible. God has made you a lover, not a ruler; a merciful authority, not a king; a companion and heart keeper, not a taskmaster. The home is your first point of service; it is your office, your training ground, always learning, never graduating. You learn to master and conquer over and over, and it will never become a career because it is an institution where you continually learn to endure and overcome. The only way you can obey Him is to express yourself in His nature. Adam failed in this, and his answer shocked God. God was so shocked that he gave him not an answer but instead gave him rules as to how to deal with his wife, and how his dealings with his wife align him with God. And so your relationship with your wife is measurable to your relationship with God. To God be the glory.Contact us by email at . 'Find us on YouTube at Breakthrough Prayer Ministry.

--Veronica Ame