Out of the Darkness into the Light

Alessia’s emotionally unhealthy relationship with her father, along with her mother’s brokenness, caused Alessia to search for love and acceptance in the wrong places. But certain people pick up on the weakness of one who yearns to be loved and uses it to their advantage. That’s exactly what Alessia found when she met Brian. Through many attempts to leave, Alessia finds more anguish inflicted by other men and decides the evil she knows is better than the evil she doesn’t. But finding herself more broken than before, Alessia, knowing he might kill her, decides to leave anyway.After battling the effects of abuse, rape, and depression, Alessia’s brokenness leaves her struggling to achieve a normal life. While navigating through that, when Alessia finds love, she finds herself struggling with a whole new set of problems. She soon finds she has trust issues, among many numerous other shortcomings.In an attempt to fix herself, Alessia realizes God is the only one who can help her. So she begins to strengthen her relationship with Him, soon realizing she had been bound by chains passed down from her mother and father.Alessia takes you on an interesting journey through her life. All the intense scenes are raw and honest, not withholding anything. She really does lay it all out there. This story speaks of how the chains that bound Alessia’s adult influences in her life were passed down from generation to generation, which caused seemingly irreversible consequences for her and her siblings. It’s a story of survival and determination to let go of her past and people’s perceptions to become the woman she was meant to be. But more importantly, to break the chain for her son and future generations.

--Alessia Stewart