Overcome: How I Prevailed through the Darkest Days of My Childhood

This book will take you through the many ups and downs of my difficult childhood. I want to reach out to you and to others who might have similar experiences. I want them and their families to understand that it is possible to make it through these kinds of hardships and live a successful, fulfilling, and love-filled life by the grace of the Lord. If you cling to him, he will enable you to find optimism, hopefulness, and zest for life on the other side of the horrors or challenges you face. Just know that you can do it too. Or if you have a loved one with an experience like this, maybe this story can help you understand.

The kind of childhood I had is one that can often be cyclical. Children who grow up with only fear and never learn to love often create that kind of environment for their children and friends. I want to show people that if you get treated really badly, you can learn from that and help others. It doesn’t always have to be a step that feeds the cycle. You may feel inclined to hate because of your terrible circumstances, but there is another option. It’s hard, but you can find a way not to become bitter. In my story, you will see how it is possible to shed that hate and negativity and instead go forward, much lighter and better than you would have been. Come on this journey with me to see that you, like me, can get through anything.

--Susann Arai