Overcomer: A Journey through Mental Health

Statistics say that 98 percent of people in the world die without ever fulfilling their purpose. This is extremely concerning, because many people are living hopeless and apathetic lives. Deep down inside, people want their lives to count, to matter, and to be worth something. People want their lives to have meaning and are searching for the keys to find inner peace and happiness. Throughout our journey, we unfortunately make life more complicated than it needs to be, because we believe our purpose gives us our identity. To say the least, it should be the other way around, because we must discover who we are within in order to find our purpose. When we discover who we are, we will find happiness, and this will lead us down the road of success. Unfortunately people are led to believe that success will bring them happiness, but this is far from the truth. True success starts with knowing yourself so that you can find the peace and happiness you desperately crave.

Overcomer is a book that will help you to discover your true self and propel you into the position that the Creator has purposed for your life. Within this life-changing book, you will learn how to change your perspective, have a definite purpose, overcome obstacles, implement self-love and confidence, change your environment, and eliminate negative self-talk. Too many people in today’s society are struggling with mental health, and they need something that’s going to pull them out of the dark places and bring them into the light of awareness. Every step we take along our journey we are either moving closer to our destiny or getting farther away from it. If you desire to take charge of your life and discover your purpose, then this is the book you have been searching for. Now is the time to change your life and to begin walking toward your destiny. As you turn the pages in this book and embark upon the journey of my life, you will discover how to overcome obstacles, take control of your life, and discover your purpose. You have always been an overcomer, so it’s time to become the champion you were always meant to be.

--Victor J. Clark

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