Parenting Teens Today: It's a Different World

There is a common saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Many times, churches or governments will create programs or classes to mimic this concept. However, there is nothing that can compare to what Jesus did with his disciples. He lived life with them daily. As Titus 2:4 reminds us, we are to teach and learn from each other how to love our children. This concept is very foreign to our modern culture, where the hustle and bustle of life keeps mothers and fathers working, in school and bussing our children to and fro, transporting them to basketball games or dance lessons. It is in this consumer-driven world that we lose the time it takes to build relationship.Meaningful relationships take intention. This statement is no less true when it comes to our children. This book attempts to bring to light some tricks of the parenting trade to help build better bridges of communication and build strong familial relationships. In this digital age where our children are losing their identities in the sound bites, we can bring them back to who they really are, which that they are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14), a unique functioning part of God’s creation.

--Elizabeth Kanénas