Peace in the Storm The Fruit of the Spirit Treasury

Peace in the Storm is a story highlighting young Hannah Jenkins as she wrestles with the storms in her life. Hannah, her brother Charlie, and her parents are city people that have moved to the country to help take care of the family farm. In the months the family has been running the farm, there have been hard times, adventures, and miracles. It is all new to Hannah. Hannah’s favorite parts of farm life are the animals, especially her sweet horse, Patches. But where can she go when she’s hurting? When she feels like she can’t go to her parents?Hannah chooses to run away from her family life to escape the uncomfortable feelings. Fighting, arguing, and hurt words fly in the house; and Hannah flees, deciding to go as far away as she can. In her attempt to get away, she gets trapped in the midst of a relentless storm. Hannah finds refuge and safety in the family barn, snuggled up with her best friend Patches. As she learns to trust God in the physical storm, she finds peace in the storm of her family life. Through her belief, her parents are reminded of who is in charge of this life on earth.This is a story of finding peace in the storms of life and of relying on the One who can take all of our burdens. It is a story of trust and reconciliation, which bring the family back to a place of peace with God and each other, even in the midst of the storm.

--Heather Mitchell Martin