Personal Reflections My Leap of Faith

Some Christians have a faith so strong that they rarely question it. They

just believe with all their heart. They care very deeply for everyone and

sometimes see more than others do. These people epitomize the true

meaning of faith, they believe in what others may not see. They do

not always understand what they see and why it will be important,

but they do not question it, because it is so clear to them that it comes

directly from God.

Some feel His Touch and some feel His Voice telling them to do

certain things and know that they must do these things because it

comes from above. This phenomenon is very difficult to explain, but

so clear to those of us who feel this way. It is not always comfortable or

easy, but it is always meant to be. It is a gift from God and even if we

want to ignore it, it would be wrong to turn our back or deny Him.

This book is about this “Leap of Faith.”

--Marilyn Kuebler Morris