Philly, Isaac, and Gus Swinefeld: Montana's Three Little Pigs

Relish a new spin on an old fable by visiting Montana’s Lewis and Clark National forest where they have pigs, wolves, and their own version of what really happened to the whimsical little pig brothers. Philly, Isaac, and Gus Swinefeld:  Montana’s Three Little Pigs details the brother’s encounter with a big, bad, bully wolf. Montana wolves do not huff and puff, but this big, bad, bully wolf used fireworks stolen from the Fourth of July to bully others. In the end, the pigs are assisted by Johnny So Well and Big T. They not only save the day for the pigs but make the forest safe for critters so they only need to be concerned about enjoying their meals rather than being a meal.  At the end of the story Johnny So Well and Big T share true facts about wolves and pigs. 

--Charla Buford Bunker