Poetically Restored: A Journey of Healing

At the beginning of 2020, I was challenged to pick a word I felt God would use throughout the year to grow me and remind me of His goodness. After a week of praying and mulling it over, I finally got it: restored. I did not realize what this year would entail, but I did know my God was mighty enough to restore all that the locusts had eaten away (Joel 2:25). Poetically Restored: A Journey of Healing incorporates my personal story of healing that I experienced through the emotions and challenges addressed within this book: hope, God’s faithfulness, anxiety, depression, love, praise, life.It was only during the process of compiling these poems together, creating a book, and having the finished product that I realized what these poems were: God’s journey of healing for my heart. God had begun writing this story way back in the day when I started writing poetry at the age of eight. As you walk through my journey by diving into my world of words, I hope and pray He brings healing into your life too.

--Kayla Hanks